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We are a new dynamic and exciting legal practice dedicated to serving our clients.

Our location is on a main busy road in the heart of a vibrant and multi-cultural community, serving all their legal needs.

We pride ourselves on our fast, efficient and professional work, in bringing about a successful conclusion of matters on behalf of our clients.

This could be purchase/sale of a property an accident or injury case, creating or transferring a lease, an employment dispute, divorce or anything that requires our service. Come and visit our friendly office at the address below.

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We Specialise in:


Injury Claims

Road Traffic Accidents

Slips and Trips

Accidents at Work

Commercial Leases

Residential Leases

Landlord and Tennant

Sponsorships/Visa Appeals

Immigration Law

Wills and Probate

Powers of Attorney


Employment Law

Debt and PPI Claims

Buying or Selling Property